- Dedicated Servers is a cybersecurity company, with 20 years of experience. We specialize in DDoS protection for dedicated and high capacity servers. Our Dedicated server plans are customizable, with 10Gbps up to 20Gbps Ports and default DDoS Protection. They also come with 24/7 Customer support and KVM console for troubleshooting.

1Gbps, 2Gbps, 5Gbps, 10Gbps or 20Gbps

CPU - Cores/Threads Memory Disk Bandwidth Price Configure
2 x E5-2630 v3 2.40Ghz
16c / 32t 128GB DDR4 from 500Gb SSD 1Gbps Unmetered €129/mo

2 x E5-2650 v3 2.30Ghz
20c / 40t 128GB DDR4 from 500Gb SSD 1Gbps Unmetered €139/mo

2 x E5-2660 v3 2.60Ghz
20c / 40t 128GB DDR4 from 500Gb SSD 1Gbps Unmetered €159/mo

2 x E5-2680 v4 2.40Ghz
28c / 56t 128GB DDR4 from 500Gb SSD 1Gbps Unmetered €249/mo

2 x E5-2699 v4 2.20Ghz
44c / 88t 256GB DDR4 from 500Gb SSD 1Gbps Unmetered €425/mo

All Servers include a default DDoS Protection and the following:
Customizable dedicated servers, we can upgrade your CPU, disks, port, guaranteed bandwidth and protection capacity anytime.

24/7 Customer Support
With our 20+ Years in hosting & security experience, you're in safe hands. is here for you around the clock.

Remote Power Reboots
You'll get complete power controls via our Control Panel, which interfaces directly with your server for remote power management.

All of our servers come with IPMI/KVM access, so if you need to install your OS, or troubleshoot, this will be an invaluable tool for you!

100% Network & Power Uptime
All dedicated servers are backed by 100% network and power uptime SLA. We run redundant A+B power, and a fully redundant network.
All our servers come with 10Gbps free DDoS protection, and it can be upgraded to 1Tbps and customized based on attack patterns

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