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DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames AdminAdministrator
edited December 2023 in Sell Websites is a Mastodon Server currently running Pleroma but it can be switched to run the Mastodon Software. has great potential with its name recognition of the former that had over 30,000 members! You can achieve these numbers of members with the right server.

By setting up a donation account like Patrion like the majority of Administrators, you can offset your costs.

It’s for sale to a Administrator with a bigger server. The current VPS is too small & slow causing users to leave. Out of 614 registered users, only 37 are active due to lag. 2792 total posts & 18,555 peers.

For only $470 usd, you receive the domain “,” & the VPS server with everything loaded/working.

You will take over our VPS at that runs an 8GB system at $76.80/year.

Feel free to ask questions

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