Summer Specials on Hosting Solutions?

I am really trying to avoid going with a major web host that throws money into advertising with false review sites and such. But I literally cannot find any legit site that shows trustworthy reviews. I myself work for one of the major companies and I know the game when it comes to bells and whistles and small print. I keep seeing advertising things like "Unlimited blah blah" and "99.9% uptime, which is never true. Its usually covered in the small print". Right now I have a solid host, but their web hosting isnt very good. They don't have realistic quotas and such.

Here is what I need: I currently host ecommerce web site (Magento), need huge amount of disk space and bandwidth. I have had issues with bandwidth being exceeded. Any good web host to Transfer all my files? Discounts? Specials?
What are your views on solutions? Thinking to try them. Are they reliable? Other reliable hosts you can recommend?


  • TapiocaTapioca NAT Warrior

    I can not express how happy I am with vps. Great service, their support is always prompt and helpful.
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