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Comparing servers from and, which way is better to follow?


  • BarbarossBarbaross Shared Hoster

    I have been with server hosting for 2 years now and love them! You get so much for your money and I've had nothing but excellent experiences with customer support. As for uptime, I've never experienced any major downtime apart from when I started - I would have 5-10 minutes of downtime but these days, it's near 99.9%.

  • RelevantosRelevantos Shared Hoster

    You can check or as well.
    I believe there you will be able to find the solution you have been looking for.

  • MaxwellMaxwell Link Clerk and servers are well-balanced and inexpensive.
    Technical Support deserves particular recognition for his ability to resolve problems speedily and in a very considerate manner. They are exactly what you would hope for from technical support.

  • BewuntlineBewuntline Shared Hoster

    After reading customer hosting reviews about service, I decided to give them a try..
    Now I am very pleased to deal with them. I have not noticed any downtime or slow browsing speed.
    If you have a problem, they will be there to help you.

  • TapiocaTapioca Shared Hoster

    We changed to server hosting about a year ago due to their low prices and found their services to be a rollercoaster experience. When functioning it's great - part of their technical support is quick and good, and their prices are unbeatable.

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