How to Make WordPress Site Secure from Hackers?

Would like to know all possible way to make my WordPress site secure from hackers.
Are there any experts who can share their tips here?

One of my co-workers shared these ones:
[]Create WordPress Sites on FLATsite
]Use TLS or SSL Certificates
[]Utilize DDOS Protection
]Implement a Website Back-up
Have you tried FLATsite static wordpress site generator? Is it really good solution?
So, could you share your view points on securing wordpress site from hackers?



  • BewuntlineBewuntline Shared Hoster

    Absolutely great customer service. Always quick to reply and resolve issues even when the majority of the time it has been due to my error. As a newcomer to FLATsite I can say that the online support system is very good - answers within a few minutes and full information given. I can manage and update websites with a single click. FLATsite Stack lets you create multiple WordPress instances and store files and databases locally, all controlled under one roof.

  • MaxwellMaxwell Shared Hoster

    The best Wordpress hosts are: and
    They are really good website hosts. They have a variety of hosting options and a variety of options. The pricing is budget friendly.

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