What Would You Like To See In A Blog Script?

pfgannonpfgannon ModeratorAdministrator
As great as Wordpress is I still think its lacking. And I've been thinking of cool new features that a blog software could have. And maybe someone *cough* Nuvo *cough* ;) will stumble upon this and work it into their siftware.

Rss Feeds in the Admin Panel so they can stay current with their topic within their admin panel, instant access to content to add to your site.

Anyone else have ideas?


  • NuvoNuvo Forum Leader VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    CMS Object (working title, you can thank Python for suggesting it) does have RSS 2.0 feeds, but they aren't in the admin section at this time, they only show on the actual site.
    Currently, it's not built for multi-user use, but that's mainly as I haven't added user managment features yet (more than one user can sign up, but there's no way of setting who can do what easily as of yet).

    The main things I need to get done are:
    Better skinning support:
    Currently, having different front-end's is possible, but editing them requires that you work around some (minimal) Ruby code (basically, work around <%= @content_for_layout %> and <%= insert_menu %>) and in order to switch between them, you have to open a config file (YAML format, but pretty easy to edit) and set the path to the skin \ front-end you want to use.
    While it's not overly hard to do at the moment, I'd like to incorporate an ACP based skin sellection option (which might see me dumping the config and using a database entry instead as trying to get Rails' YAML support to work is getting a bit irritating) with a preview image or something.
    I've also thought of using Liquid, a Rails add-on which allows you to use a less intrusive way of using Ruby code in templates.

    Resource managment:
    I just think it'd be a good idea if there was a way of uploading something without using FTP or your hosts uploader.
    While this isn't as important, it would be nice to have something like this at some point.

    User managment:
    Well, if you're going to have multiple users, you may as well have some way of controling them.

    I know for a fact that there's also a nifty Rails bolt on (plugin, engine or GEM) which allows you to have multiple sites running off of one script where they would have url's like bob.site.com and their database would be set using the subdomain name (so it'd connect to the "bob" database), which had me having silly idea's at one point...
    PHP, CSS, XHTML, Delphi, Ruby on Rails & more.
    Current project: CMS Object.
    Most recent change: Theme support is up and running... So long as I use my theme resource loaders instead of that in the Rails plug-in.
    Release date: NEVER!!!
  • rebelagentrebelagent Junior Member Shared Hoster
    I know the perfect community for blogs its called diaryland.com everything about the programming is great! It's just not in PHP i think...and not to mention the layout is really girly. Another thing is they won't change. Then there's features only members can have.... I think the perfect feature is

    -Completely customizable diary. meaning you can move the nav where you want and content etc.
    -Make private or not private or friends only.
    -Able to have a subscribing RSS feed in the Admin area to read other diaries and all you have to do is paste the rss code from the other diary in order to read it. Keeping the blog completely easy to monitor by fellow bloggers/readers.
    -Comments on or off and complete customization of the comment template.
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