Logo/Header Contest Has Begun!

DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames AdminAdministrator
The contest for the new header and logo for WebmasterPost.com is now open to all. The current design will be changed so the header should not be based on the current design of the header. The height of the header should be around 70px high and the width should be at least 779px.

I am open to any color choices, but the shade of blue that we use in the current skin will remain so the colors should match with this blue.

(hint: if you make a flash header, or animated gif to make like a moving logo you've got my vote though I can't speak for the Moderators. If you did use flash or the moving logo, then there is no need to use layers.)

The slogan is: Our Addiction of Choice is the Internet

The winner will need to provide the layered header image, and logo with a transparent background.

Besides the pride of your design being chosen and displayed for all to see, you will receive $150 USD via Paypal. Please post your entry here in this thread and the Moderators (who don't enter the contest) and I will be the judges. The contest starts today and ends August 18th. The Moderators and I will then review and vote and the winner will be chosen on August 19th.

Thank you and may the best Designer win!


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